Situation Assessment March 2013 – Regional Scout Plan 2010-2013


Following the established pattern following European Scout Committee meeting, I am pleased to send you the updated Situation Assessment of the Regional Scout Plan – in English and French.

Also included is a general assessment regarding our performance on the Key Performance Indicators, again in English and French. This overview is not an exact science but it gives a feeling of the progress that is being made.

As before, you will also find the reports compiled by the Working and Core Groups relating to their work towards the Regional Scout Plan. (English only)

We hope that you will find the information of interest.

Circular 8 / March 2013 (English/French)

Regional Scout Plan Situation Assessment March 2013 (English, French)

Volunteering Working Group Report (English)

Growth through Quality Working Group Report (English)

Embracing ChangeWorking Group Report (English)

Youth Empowerment Working Group Report (English)

Partnerships with Other Regions Report (English)

Educational Methods Core Group Report (English)

Organisational Developement Core Group Report (English)

External Relations and Funding Core Group (English)