Call for Participants: Network Meeting for Guide and Scout ExReps


The Network Meeting is an annual event organised by the Europe Region of WAGGGS and the WOSM-European Region gathering Guides and Scouts representing their MO/NSO in various platforms including their National Youth Council.

This year the meeting will take place in the Youth Centre of the Council of Europe in Budapest from Monday 7 November 2016 in the morning until Thursday 10 November 2016 in the evening. Participants are expected to arrive on Sunday 6 November and leave on Friday 11 November.

The aim of the meeting is to improve our members impact on society by supporting them in the field of External Relations.

Participants representing their organisation externally, in their National Youth Council or towards any other external platform or institution are warmly invited to attend.

The participation fee for the event is 50 euros per person covering four nights, accommodation and subsistence for the 4 days of the training. All transportation will be reimbursed directly to the participants by the Council of Europe upon arrival.

Please register before the 5 September by filling the online form

You can find here more information in English and French

Call for Participants: Fundraisers Network Meeting


The European Scout Region and Scoutisme Français are happy to invite you to the Fundraisers’ Network meeting that will be held between 25-27 November in Paris.

This meeting offers NSOs and NSAs an opportunity to share best practices, challenges and needs in the field of fundraising, with a focus on Private Donors.

Volunteers and/or staff members working with fundraising at national level in their organisations and board members working on financial strategy are warmly invited to participate.

The participation fee for this event is 230 euros and does not include travel to the venue but covers the accommodation on the 25-26 November.

Please register online for the meeting before 24 September 2016 by using this link

Want to know more? Please read the Circular 17_2016

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Paris for the Fundraisers Network Meeting 2016!


Event Invitation | Overture Network – Autumn 2016 Meeting


As the Overture Diversity Network’s Steering Group, we have the pleasure to invite you to the next Overture Diversity Network Meeting in Dublin, Ireland. This meeting will be hosted by Catholic Guides of Ireland (CGI), from 14 to 16 October 2016.

The steering group and hosting team have planned a great weekend around our subject of ethnic and social diversity and disability. The meeting will be an opportunity to meet open- and likeminded Guides and Scouts working in this area across the European Regions of WOSM and WAGGGS.

We very much hope to see all of you, new and old, networking to make the two European Regions and their member organisations more open and inclusive.

All relevant information about the event is contained in the Invitation and Practical Information.

A registration form for the Overture Diversity Network Meeting is avaialble on the website of the Catholic Guides of Ireland.

The Overture Diversity Network’s Steering Group is pleased to announce that some funding was received from WAGGGS to assist in the running costs of the meeting. The participation fee is therefore lowered from EUR 95.00 to EUR 80.00.

Online Videos of the 15th European Guide and Scout Conference


Only one month ago delegates of all MOs and NSOs of the two Regions of WAGGGS and WOSM came together for five days to discuss and adopt Regional policies, strategies and general orientations for the next triennium. They elected the Regions’ governing bodies, the Europe Committee WAGGGS and the European Regional Committee of WOSM.

During the Joint Conference, all delegations discussed matters of mutual interest and approve joint actions, which are also integral part of the Regional Plans agreed by the respective separate conferences.

If you have missed the experience live in Norway or if you want to relive those moments you can now access the official videos at the following link.


Joint Communication – Register for The Academy 2016 in Cyprus Now!


What is The Academy?

The Academy is the European Scout Region’s and the Europe Region WAGGGS’ unique Scout and Guide event designed to provide participants with high quality training and networking opportunities around the core priorities of the European Regions of WAGGGS and WOSM.

Regional Circular 18– Funding Opportunities

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 16.38.44

We are pleased to provide you with an update on Funding Opportunities available to NSOs and NSAs from the European Region of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).

The document is a working tool for all NSOs/NSAs, aiming to offer comprehensive information about the different funding opportunities and gives an overview of the available funding opportunities, with useful information and direct contacts.

Particular attention is given to deadlines and procedures to enable you to be aware of the amount of time and preparation required for an application.

– Regional Circular 18 2016: Funding Opportunities Overview (English,French)

[CALL FOR BIDS] Hosting the Academy 2017

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 10.09.16 AM

The Academy is a joint event of WOSM and WAGGGS working in partnership at European level, with key participation of volunteers and staff from both the Europe Region WAGGGS and the European Scout Region.

Interested associations, NSOs or MOs, are invited to declare their interest to hosting this event by submitting a short paper (the bid) in reponse to the attached Joint Ciruclar.

[REMINDER] 8th General Assembly 2016 | World Scout Parliamentary Union

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 15.18.37 PM

The Parliamentary Scout Union of Sweden and scouterna, the Guides and Scouts of Sweden, are hosting the 8th General Assembly of the World Scout Parliamentary Union (WSPU) in Stockholm, Sweden, at the end of this summer, from 31 August to 2 September 2016.