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Candidates for Election to the European Scout Committee – Document 7 – 21st European Scout Conference


With Conference Circular 21ESC_1/2013 all Member organisations of the World Organization of the Scout Movement in the European Region were invited to put  forward nominations of candidates for election to the European Scout Committee. By constitutionally set deadline for receipt of nominations we have received 10 candidacies.

Financial Report – Document 6 – 21st European Scout Conference


The current  triennium  just about  to end has been a period of major  impact on he  Regions  main  resource  income,  namely  the  Fund  for  European  Scouting  (FES).  This  is  because  the  income  from  the  fund  is  calculated  based  on  a formula  that  takes  an  average  value  (Net Asset Value- NAV) of  the  last  three  years. 

Reminder – WAGGGS call for agenda items


In accordance with the Regional Conference Rules of Procedure, Member Organisations can propose motions for vote at the 14th European Guide Conference (Annex C3 of the Regional Guidelines, Article 3.3.4).

The deadline for the submission is 16th April 2013.

Please find documents here

Evaluation of Joint Work 2010-2013


In November 2012, the Joint Committee decided to conduct an evaluation of review achievements, results and learning from joint work in Europe in the current triennium (2010-2013).