Monthly Archives: January 2014

Support to the Committee Contact System – WOSM ESR Circular 4/2014


As a follow-up to Circular 19/2013, we would like to advise of the establishment of a support to the Committee Contact System, we feel that nominating a staff member to be an additional contact can supplement the existing Committee Contact.

Call for action: 2014 – A Europe of Opportunities – WOSM ESR Circular 3/2014


Following the consultations in 2013 in response to Resolution 13 approved at the 21st European Scout Conference in Berlin, the European Scout Committee and the European Regional Office would like to share with you the document “A Europe of Opportunities”. The document contains our Scouting vision of the Europe we want: a Europe of opportunities for all young people.

Regional Scout Plan and Volunteers assisting in its delivery – Circular 2/2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 1.10.24 AM

As requested in 21st European Scout Conference resolution, the Committee has been compiling the Regional Scout Plan, the Operational Framework and the make up of our resultant working groups.

The Regional Scout Plan 2013-2016 Operating under our Mission – Developing Scouting – Supporting Growth, as previously indicated, there are two Strategic Priorities:
Diversity & Inclusion and Youth Empowerment which will operate alongside the Core Groups for:

  • Educational Methods
  • Organisational Development
  • External Relations & Funding

More about operational framework and appointed volunteers in the WOSM ESR Circular 2/2014 (English) and in Regional Scout Plan 2013-2016 (English)

Scouting 3.0 – Innovative Support to National Scout Associations in Europe – Circular 1/2014


“Scouting 3.0″ is an European wide project aiming at promoting and developing online training as a complementary delivery method for adult training provision in National Scout Associations. Eight European NSAs are leading the way, strongly committed and working hard in the development of procedures and resources that are expected to be disseminated all around Europe from July 2014.