[REMINDER] 8th General Assembly 2016 | World Scout Parliamentary Union

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The Parliamentary Scout Union of Sweden and scouterna, the Guides and Scouts of Sweden, are hosting the 8th General Assembly of the World Scout Parliamentary Union (WSPU) in Stockholm, Sweden, at the end of this summer, from 31 August to 2 September 2016.

The World Scout Parliamentary Union (WSPU) is an international organisation that unites the National Scout Parliamentary Associations (NSPAs) that exist in almost 100 countries worldwide. The NSPAs include members of national parliaments, deputies and senators. The object of the WSPU is to strengthen National Scout Organizations and World Scouting through the influence of parliamentarians who believe that Scouting is an effective educational method.

Please find herewith:

- the Invitation – WSPU 8th General Assembly 2016
– the Registration Form – WSPU 8th General Assembly 2016
– the Terms and Conditions  – WSPU 8th General Assembly 2016
– a Nomination Form for elections to the WSPU Executive Committee
– a Declaration of Interest to host WSPU 9th General Assembly

The team hosting the WSPU 8th General Assembly is also avaialble to advise you should you consider creating a National Scout Parlamentary Association in your country.