Joint Call for Hosts: Chief Volunteers Meeting 2017


The Networking event for Chief Volunteers (or equivalent) builds on networking events held at Regional Conferences when there was a clear desire to find opportunities for these important volunteers to share and mix with their peers. This is a non-formal opportunity to share experiences and strategies, networking and chances to make new contacts and find mutual support. The event follows similar events in 2009, 2012 and 2015.

The European Scout Committee and the Europe Committee WAGGGS have agreed to stage the next edition of the Chief Volunteer Meeting in December 2017 to avoid clashes with other events. They are confident that there is much to be gained for young people, for the Member Organisations of WAGGGS and National Scout Organisations of WOSM, and for the two Regions.

With this message, we ask WAGGGS Member Organisations and/or National Scout Organisations to host the Chief Volunteers Meeting 2017.

Find more details in the Joint Call for Hosts – Chief Volunteers Meeting 2017: