WOSM Circular 24/2011 – Partnership Fund


Resume of applications made to the Partnership Fund in the period following the last Regional Conference in Brussels, Belgium, in 2010.
The Partnership Fund provides a great opportunity for the Region to work with an Association and share the results.The appropriate area of the website – www.scout.org/en/around_the_world/europe/about_scouting/partnership_fund

– will be updated with the reports on projects that have been completed since the European Conference in 2010.

Likewise, you will find the report of the Partnership Fund (previously called the Partnerships for Development and Growth Fund) for the period 2008 till 2010 on the same area of the website. This was a document of the European Scout Conference.

Circular (English, French)

Report  Partnership Fund for period June 2010 – November 2011 (English, French)