WOSM Circular 21/2011 – Call for Partners to join funding project: Partnerships Event


Call for Partners to join funding project – The Partnerships Event (in the frame of the North South Network) will take place at UNESCO, Paris, France in March 2012. Following on from last year’s successful event in Rome, which was the first North-South meeting organised jointly by the Network and WOSM Europe, this event will look to extend the concept even further. The event is designed for associations that are both in and/or looking at entering into partnerships with other regions (Eurasia, Arab, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Interamerica).

We want to widen the attendance to include representatives from other Regions and to make this a real partnership event. It is an opportunity to share experiences and learn about partnerships, to contribute to WOSM Europe’s work on the theme of “Partnerships with Other Regions” and to focus on the thinking on partnerships within the Movement following up on the Marrakesh Charter. Partners will also have the option to continue bilateral discussions after the meeting. The event will include an Unguvu Partners Meeting to agree on the YiA 3.2 application for 2013.

Therefore, if you want to take part in the Partnerships Event  and get following costs covered by grant:

  • Participant travel costs: 70 % of travel costs from home to the venue of the project and return using the cheapest method and fares (Economy class plane ticket, 2nd class train ticket)
  • Accommodation / food costs: EUR 51.00 x number of nights x number of official participants
  • Activity costs: EUR 1200.00 + EUR 50.00 x number of official participants
  • Exceptional costs: any costs directly related to young people with fewer opportunities/ special needs or warranted by the special nature of the activities; visa costs.

For each NSO and NSA this means that, if you are a partner, your participants will have three major benefits:

  •  Only 30% of the travel costs to cover by participant/NSO/NSA
  •  Lower or no participation fees
  •  Costs related to obtaining travel visa are covered

In this case, the application will be submitted by ‘Scouts et Guides de France’, a French NSA, which will submit an application for a Youth in Action funding project at the national level.

So, if your NSO/NSA is interested in attending read carefuly attached circular and fill it in, sign and send the ‘Preliminary Partner Agreement Form’ (PPA, annex) by 26 October 2011.