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EUROPEAN SCOUT SYMPOSIUM 2019 – Evaluation Report from the Working Methods Team (Regional Circular 02 2019)

Further to its Regional Circular 39 2018 which calls for participants for the European Scout Symposium, the European Scout Region of the World Oragnization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) is pleased to share with you an Evaluation Report which was commissioned by the European Scout Committee and prepared by the Working Methods Team of the European Region’s Continuous Improvement Area of Opeations.

The document will be tabled at the European Scout Symposium 2019:

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS – 7th European Scout Symposium (Regional Circular 39 2018)


The European Scout Region of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) is pleased to invite key decision makers of Member Organisations of the European Scout Region of WOSM to the 7th European Scout Symposium, which is scheduled to take place in Valletta, Malta, from 29 to 31 March 2019.

The Symposium is an important event in the life of the European Scout Region when it looks back on what was achieved in the triennium, on what is hoped to be achieved by the end of the triennium, on what needs to change and on what will be done in future triennia. The event will help set the agenda for work leading to the proposal of the Regional Scout Plan for the period 2019 and beyond.

The Symposium will take place immediately after the Extraordinary Meeting of the European Scout Conference, held at the same venue on 29 March 2019.

=> Find out more about the Symposium, including a link to a registration form, in Regional Circular 39 2018. Please make sure to register before the deadline 15 January 2019.