So far, 60000 pieces of clothing sorted and packed in 12 days!


Scouts and Guides contributing to refugee support activities in their local communities in Europe (4): a story from Augsburg, Germany.

“Members and leaders of local Scout Groups in the Augsburg District of DPSG Bundesverband (one of the National Scout Associations in Germany, member of World Organization of the Scout Movement – WOSM) got actively involved in an existing local support project launched last year. Initiated by a group of eight friends in November 2014, the main objective of Übergepäck eines Flüchtlings. (“a refugee’s extra luggage”) is to show refugees and their families that members of the local community recognise their challenging situation and are offering them assistance.

“Übergepäck eines Flüchtlings” has been collecting huge amounts of donated cloths on each Saturday since the beginning of September 2015 and also organised several social projects for children and young people among the refugees, like a joint visit to Augsburg Zoo. The local Scouts were there to help from the first action day and have been contributing to the project ever since. Within a year’s time, the project has developed into the focal point for people of Augsburg who want to help. It is still as transparent and dynamic as it was at the beginning, which made it so easy for the local Scouts to get involved.

They helped sorting into packages of at least 10 pieces of clean clothes into an estimated number of 6000 units. Which is more than 120 pallets, each carrying around 50 bags! Imagine 60000 pieces – an estimated 120 tons – collected, sorted and moved by an average of 50 volunteers in 160 hours on 12 days of volunteer work. The Scouts from Augsburg are among a lot of other members of the local community are offering their skills and time – sharing fun and hard work!”

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