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ADVANCE NOTIFICATION – Conference “Hand in Hand. Stronger Together” (Regional Circular 19 2018)


The European Scout Region of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) and its partners in the Time to be Welcome project are inviting interested members of National Scout Organisations (NSO) to a four-day event in Bussels, Belgium, from 7-10 December 2018.

Under the title “Hand in Hand. Stronger together”, the event will address questions and share best practices related to how associations can reach out and include refugees and migrants in Scouting.

Please refer to Regional Circular 19 2018 for the event’s Advance Notification. More detailed information will become available in September 2018.

Human Rights of Refugees – A Joint Statement of the European Regions of WOSM and WAGGGS (Joint Communication 06 2018)


Guides and Scouts are strongly committed to contributing to refugee support activities in their local communities. WOSM and WAGGGS work jointly in actions related to human rights, supporting and connecting their member organisations in playing an active role in the current migrant and refugee situation in Europe.

On 20 June, World Refugee Day, the the two regions shared a strong statement with their member organisations and relevant partners, including European Institutions and NGOs with whom we cooperate.

Joint Communication 06 2018 presents you the Joint Statement “Human Rights of Refugees” of the European Regions of WAGGGS and WOSM.

  • Joint Statement “Human Rights of Refugees” in English
  • Déclaration conjointe “Droits de l’Homme des réfugiés” en français

Syrian Refugee Scouts Take Possession of Their Scout House in Turkey

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 11.31.49 AM

Ever since the wars in Syria started, Turkey has been welcoming large numbers of refugees, many of whom continue to stay in refugee camps in the southern border region of the country.

Good morning Kemal. This world may change, after all. Good morning. (*)

Dimitra sharing food with refugees in Lesvos

This picture was taken a year ago on the island of Lesvos in Greece. Together with the following text it was published by journalist and local Scout Leader Stratis Balaskas on the website of the Greek news agency he works for. A year later, the situation on Lesvos, Chios, Kos, other islands and mainland Greece is still far from what we would like it to see. And to this day local Scouts are involved in numerous activities supporting refugees across the country. The story could well describe some action taken place yesterday.

Refugees join the guides and scouts for activities and fun outdoor

refugee norway

Scouts and Guides contributing to refugee support activities in their local communities in Europe (46): a story from the Scouts and guides in the area Bergen, Norway.

The guides and scouts of Ulriken , Bergen in Norway invited refugee children from the Refugee Centre in their local area to participate in guide and scout activities. A day in the Refugee Centre can be both boring and long but together with the guides and scouts, the refugee children got a chance to experience days with activities that for them were new and in many ways strange and having not experienced them before. The children went sliding on a tarpaulin, made bread with the dough twisted on a stick and baked it over an open fire and, with headlamps, on a dark winter night, they went on a hike, and sat by the camp fire and drank hot chocolate. The refuges were taught “joggi, joggi, joggi” (the guide/scout shout) at the first meeting and in the corridors of the Refugee Centre would be heard “joggi, joggi”. The meetings were a great success for both the guides and scouts as well as the refugee children and you could hear they were counting down to the next time they many more events have been planned.

refugee norway 1

A tarpaulin makes a good sleigh on the snow.

If you are involved in a similar refugee support activity in your local community, let us know and we will share it, too: just complete this form!