Regional Circular 15 2016 – Open Call Regional Volunteers 2016-2019

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This Regional Circular provides you with information about the Open Call launched to recruit Regional Volunteers to help achieve the Regional Scout Plan 2016-2019.

Although at this stage we do not know exactly what will be required, we have included a list of possible skills in the online form to be found at:

Applications will be handled by a small, specialist Human Resource Team, whose members will rate the applications, verify information and make suggestions based also on reference to the relevant staff member and the coordinators who will have already been appointed under the same process. We want to ensure as much objectivity and fairness as possible.

We also recognise that not everyone will be accepted, but we will try to keep all informed at all stages of the process.

This stage of the process will close 3 weeks after the end of the European Scout Conference – so the deadline for applications is 15 July 2016 at 12.00 noon CEST (Central European Summer Time).

Regional Circular 15 2016 – Open call Regional Volunteers 2016-2019 (in English)
Regional Circular 15 2016 – Open Call Regional Volunteers 2016–2019 (in French)