How do I make a campfire bread? Come, I’ll show you!

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Scouts and Guides contributing to refugee support activities in their local communities in Europe (21): a story from Uedem, Germany

Uedem? Where is Uedem? Many refugees might have wondered where this town was situated on the map of Germany where destiny had decided that they would find their temporary new homes. We, too, had to check the map to discover that Uedem is located between Duisburg and Kleve on the river Rhine close to the Dutch border.

And the surprise was even greater when the refugees arrived in Uedem: a group of members of  DPSG Uedem, the local Scout and Guide Group (a member of DPSG Niederrhein-Nord District of DPSG – Deutsche Pfadfinderschaft Sankt Georg) awaited them waving colourful flags, holding up “Welcome” and “Willkommen” posters.

The Scouts and Guides – with the help of friends of the local school – had spent several days preparing their Welcome Party: they collected toys, games and jigsaws, stuffed animals and dolls, footballs, basket balls and other sports equipment! And they planned a series of activities for their “Willkommensfest” using many of the collected items with their guests, handing them over as presents at the end of the day. Others were busy in their kitchen and prepared pastry and other dishes to serve at the party.

Many of the newly arrived refugees attended the welcome party, happy spend an afternoon in friendly and happy atmosphere with their new neighbours. While children and young people happily enjoyed the games their parents and other adults were glad to settle down and relax for a few hours in good company, away from their tense and stressful life.

What started as a colourful afternoon of games and sports finally ended around a genuine campfire, where Scouts and Guides and their new friends enjoyed preparing (and later eating) their campfire bread on sticks cut from bushes only moments earlier.

(Source: rp-online, 9 Ocotber 2015)

If you are involved in a similar refugee support activity in your local community, let us know and we will share it, too!