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CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS – Fundraisers’ Network Meeting 2019 (Regional Circular 05 2019)


The European Scout Region is pleased to invite you to the Fundraisers’ Network Meeting, which will be held in Prague, Czechia, from 31 May – 3 June 2019. The deadline for registrations is 1 March 2019.

This meeting is organised by the European Scout Region to offer Member Oragnisations an opportunity to share relevant best practices, challenges and needs in the field of fundraising, with a special focus on crowdfunding this year. The overall idea of the network is to share and create information about on-going practices and resources in funding, as well as to provide a platform for the exchange of experiences and knowledge.

=> Please find all details about the Fundraisers’ Network Meeting 2019 in our Regional Circular 05 2019

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS – 16th European Scout & Guide Centre Managers’ Conference 2019 (Joint Communication 16 2018)


We are happy to invite you to the next Centre Managers’ Conference (CMC) which is a networking and sharing event organised jointly by the network of European Guide and Scout Centres (known as the Goose Network) with support from the Europe Region WAGGGS and the European Scout Region of WOSM. The CMC 2019 will take place at Larch Hill Scout Centre in Ireland from 10 to 13 October 2019, with a meeting of the Goose Network starting in the evening of 9 October 2019.

This information is intended for Managers of Scout and Guide Centres. Please forward it to anyone who might be interested.

=> Please find all relevant information in Joint Communication 16 2018. The deadline for declarations of interest is 31 December 2018.

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS – Network Meeting for Guide and Scout External Representatives 2019 (Joint Communication 15 2018)


We are happy to invite you to the Network Meeting for Guide and Scout External Representatives (usually shortened to “Network Meeting”) which is an event organised jointly by the Europe Region WAGGGS and the European Scout Region of WOSM, where Guides and Scouts who represent their MO/NSOs on various external platforms including their National Youth Councils gather for networking, training and exchange.

The event is scheduled to take place in Brussels, Belgium, from 16 to 21 January 2019. The deadline for completing the on-linbe registration form is 5 December 2018.

=> Find out more about the Network Meeting 2019 in Joint Communication 15 2018.



Go Scout and Guide Abroad Toolkit and Promotional Material (Joint Communication 14 2018)


The 15th European Guide and Scout Conference (Norway, June 2016) set up a working group to improve the EraGuide/EraScout Network. This joint network aims to support the inclusion of Young People and Youth Leaders into local Scout and Guide Groups during their international mobility experience.

For the past few months the Go Scout and Guide Abroad team of the European Scout Region of WOSM and the Europe Region WAGGGS has been working on material to be used by International Teams and participants in mobility programmes. As a starting point in this work, we are pleased to share some of these with you.

The Promotion Pack

=> Please find all relevant details about the new Go Scout and Guide Abroad Toolkit in Joint Communication 14 2018.

POSTPONED – Fundraisers’ Network Meeting of the European Scout Region (Regional Circular 32 2018)


The European Scout Region regrets to inform you that the Fundraisers’ Network Meeting, originally planned to take place in Braga, Portugal, from 16-19 November 2018, has now been postponed.

The event is now scheduled to happen in Spring 2019. A new Call for Participants will be issued in due course.