Youth Campaign Against Hate Speech


Call for the Preparatory seminar for the European On-line Youth Campaign Against Hate Speech (Strasbourg, 10-12 October).

The on-line youth campaign is a central element of the project Young People Combating Hate Speech On-line. The campaign will be implemented in 2013 with the agency of young people and youth organisations and should be “de-multiplied” in national campaigns and initiatives so as to be as close to young people as possible. By definition, most of the campaign actions will take place on-line, but they should be supported and complemented by off-line activities.The seminar ‘s main function is to involve and inform the partners and future actors of the campaign and to prepare the programme of activities of the campaign as well as support and communication structures. It is therefore primarily addressed to governmental and non-governmental representatives and youth leaders who seriously intend or expect to take a leading role in organising, mobilising young people or disseminating information in their countries, services or organisations.

The deadline for applications is short15 September! – but we hope this won’t prevent the most motivated and competent people from attending the seminar.

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