WOSM Circular 20/2011 – Support for the Participation of Other Regions at Upcoming Events

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Partnerships with Other Regions is a key priority of the European Regional Scout Plan 2010-2013, with a focus on the Africa, Arab and Eurasia Regions.  Over the next year, there are key events that will be enriched by the presence of participants from other Regions and where we would like to ask for your help to ensure their participation.

These events include:

  • The Europe-Eurasia Meeting (Prague, Czech Republic, November 25-27 2011)
  • The Partnerships Event (North-South Network) (Paris, France, 15-18 March 2012)
  • AGORA (Kandersteg, Switzerland, 18-23 April 2012)
  • Roverway (Evo, Finland, 20-28 July 2012)

In line with the priority “Partnerships with Other Regions”, these events are open to Scouts from other Regions. The events can provide great opportunities for exchange with other Regions and can be used to further strengthen your partnerships by providing an ideal meeting space. They also provide the opportunity to explore new multilateral partnerships with the other associations present.

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