WOSM Circular 15/2011

© WSB / Victor Ortega / July 2007

Facilitating Participation of NSOs in European events – Call for Partners to join funding project: Young Spokespersons Training Event

The European Regional Office will submit an application for a Youth in Action funding project at European level.

If your NSO/NSA is interested in attending:

– The Young Spokesersons Training Event that will take place in Brussels, Belgium in July 2012. The event will be a training opportunity for young members of NSOs/NSAs (age 17-21) that are, or willing to, represent the Movement at national and European level. The aim of the event is to provide the participants with the skills needed to talk about their experiences in Scouting to a wide variety of audiences, including media and representatives platform.

And you wish to benefit from the funding support, please read this circular and its annexes (only in English) and follow the instructions:

ESR_Circular_15_Young_spoke peoople_EN

ESR_Circular_15_Young_spoke peoople_FR

ANNEX A_preliminary agreement of partners

ANNEX B_identification of partners

The deadline to receive the completed and signed PPA is the 26 August 2011.