Volunteer in the European Scout Region – Open Call 2013-2016

22nd World Scout Jamboree, Sweden 2011

Open Call 2013-2016 is unique opportunity for all those who wish to be considered for working to support the delivery of the Regional Scout Plan which is adopted at the 21st European Scout Conference in Berlin, Germany.

The working methods for the Regional Scout Plan have not yet been set, but as an attachment to 21st European Scout Conference please find the Draft Regional Scout Plan, which was distributed at the beginning of July as Conference Document 3 (EnglishFrench). This is a distillation of the work, which took place at the 5th European Scout Symposium in Dublin, Ireland in April 2013. This Regional Plan is now accepted toughener with Resolutions of the 21st European Scout Conference (EnglishFrench)

The clear focus of the plan is on the two Strategic Objectives – Diversity & Inclusion and Youth Empowerment. In addition there will be 3 core groups supporting the areas of Educational Methods, Organisational Development and External Relations & Funding.

Alternatively, you may be interested in being a Global Support (formerly called Tailored Support) Consultant.

The Committee is keen to encourage volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds – age, gender, geography etc. to reflect the composition of the Region. It is not anticipated that volunteers will work in two areas as we recognise the pressures that this brings in balancing priorities. The application form is attached (EnglishFrench).

Deadlines for receiving applications is on Friday, 20 September 2013 at the World Scout Bureau – European Regional Office, Geneva, preferably by email. Applications must be endorsed by the International Commissioner. If the International Commissioner is not available, then an alternative verifiable office bearer may be used.

To build on previous experiences, it is likely that there will be a selection process to put together the best possible team. Some of the selection may be by skype call or similar method. It is also likely that not all applicants will be selected and we feel that it is better to advise this from the start. Successful applicants and their NSOs will be advised as soon as possible after this date if they have been selected. It would help us greatly if applications are made in good time.