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Scouts & Guides I/O 2017


Scouts & Guides I/O 2017, the next meeting of the the European Scout and Guide Regions’ Communication and Technology (ICT) Network,  brings together people to share ideas, expertise and inspiration from Guide and Scout association across Europe to exchange and collaborate.

The participants will work on topics around how to use information and communication technology in their Scout or Guide associaitons more efficiently. The event programme is being developed by the Scouts & Guides I/O 2017 Planning Team and is designed to suit your needs, whether in communication, technology or management side.

The event will take place at the Gilwell Park Scout Activity Centre in Chingford near Londo, in the United Kingdom, from 9 to 12 Februray 2017 and is prepared to fit individual needs of participants and their associations: bring your topics and receive help and support to adress the challenges you or your organisation have. You will exchange knowledge and skills with other participants, as well as get contacts in other associaitons to pursue further cooperation in the field of ICT.

More information will be shared on the event’s website as it becomes available.