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WOSM Circular 17/2011

© WSB Inc. / Jean-Pierre Pouteau / August 2011

32 countries hosting awareness raising seminars on non-discrimination and equality targeted at civil society organisations

The project “Awareness rising in the areas of non-discrimination and equality targeted at civil society organizations” aims to design specific training material and activities for NGOs in order to help strengthen their capacity to deal with non – discrimination and equality.

The main purpose of the project is to improve the impact and effectiveness of civil society organizations regarding to the implementation of equality and non-discrimination legislation and policy through their programmes and activities.

This project could therefore support your national organisation/association to design, renew, and strengthen the programme or strategy to be more open. In the Regional Scout Plan, NSOs and NSAs in Europe expressed their interest to work more with the Region on Embracing Change.

Read more in the Circular letter in English or French.