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Good morning Kemal. This world may change, after all. Good morning. (*)

Dimitra sharing food with refugees in Lesvos

This picture was taken a year ago on the island of Lesvos in Greece. Together with the following text it was published by journalist and local Scout Leader Stratis Balaskas on the website of the Greek news agency he works for. A year later, the situation on Lesvos, Chios, Kos, other islands and mainland Greece is still far from what we would like it to see. And to this day local Scouts are involved in numerous activities supporting refugees across the country. The story could well describe some action taken place yesterday.

This smile and gentle gesture tells us more than a thousand words!

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Scouts and Guides contributing to refugee support activities in their local communities in Europe (39): a story from the Island of Lesvos in Greece (GR)

There may be lousy weather in Mytilene on the Greek island of Lesvos, where local Scouts have been very actively involved in refugee and migrant support activities for more than a year now: on the beaches and shores, on the streets and squares of Mytilene, or in the different refugees centres around the island.

So, this weekend, Venture and Rover Scouts from the two local groups, 3o ΣΥΣΤΗΜΑ ΝΑΥΤΟΠΡΟΣΚΟΠΩΝ ΜΥΤΙΛΗΝΗΣ and 2ο ΣΥΣΤΗΜΑ ΠΡΟΣΚΟΠΩΝ ΜΥΤΙΛΗΝΗΣ (members of Ελληνικός Προσκοπισμός and the World Organization of the Scout Movement decided to spend the few hours of their weekly meeting with children and young people.

These children are currently staying in a hotel in the Gulf of Geras near Mytilene, which was recently opened for families who need special attention and care. They may be relatives of victims of shipwrecks, from broken families, suffer from disabilities or particular health problems.

This special refugee centre is run by Caritas Greece whose staff and volunteers were very happy to welcome the Scouts for an afternoon.

While some Scouts played and sang with the children and young people others help sort donated clothes and toiletry articles.

And before leaving the Centre and having been (once again) overwhelmed by the reactions and feedback from the children, the Scouts agreed with Caritas Greece to come back in the future and to regularly offer afternoons with games, singing, painting and handy crafts!

So, what about you? Are you and your Scouts involved in similar activities? Share your stories and let us know what kind of challenges you had to cope with!

Find more pictures from this afternoon in the photo album of Stratis Balaskas, journalist and Scout Leader in Mytilene on Lesvos.