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23rd EUROPEAN SCOUT CONFERENCE – Announcing two Crowdcasts in preparation of the Conference (Conference Circular 09)

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As part of our commitment to implementing the new Rules of Procedure for the European Scout Conference, and in advance of the deadline for the receipt of draft resolutions from National Scout Orgaoizations, 24 May 2019, we advise that the European Scout Region will host a number of Crowdcasts:

  • 12 June 2019 at 20.00 CEST, 8pm.
    Crowdcast on draft resolutions
    proposed for the 23rd European Scout Conference. We will invite all proposers to present their proposals during this Crowdcast.
    To participate, please register at this link: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/pg972xn8
  • 3 July 2019 at 20.00 CEST, 8pm.
    Crowdcast on the Financial Report
    to be made to the 23rd European Scout Conference. The Treasurer will present the key aspects of his report and take questions.
    To participate, please register at this link: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/qlwcx8ae

Please mark these dates in your agenda.

Veuillez noter que les documents liès à ces deux Crowdcasts seront disponibles en anglais et en français, mais que la présentation orale se fera normalement en anglais uniquement.

INVITATION TO CROWDCAST – content of the Extraordinary Meeting of the European Scout Conference 2019 (Regional Circular 06 2019)

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As previously advised in Regional Circular 01 2019, the European Scout Region of the World Organization of the Scout Movement plans a crowdcast on the content of the Extra-ordinary Meeting of the European Scout Conference.

We now need to change the date of the crowdcast to Tuesday 5 February at 20.30 CET (8.30pm).

  • Please register to participate in advance on the following link: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/extraconfmeeting
  • Please be advised that you may register questions in advance of the crowdcast on the same link.
  • Please note that the language of the crowdcast will be English.
  • Please also note that the European Scout Committee is preparing a comprehensive question and answer document on the proposal to reschedule the European Scout Conference to be available prior to the International Commissioners’ Forum where a session on this topic will be provided.

We look forward to your participation in the crowdcast.

(Regional Circular 06 2019)