Summer is here -so is Roverway! Infoletter #8


The triennial highlight of Guiding and Scouting in Europe is here again. It’s time for Rovers and Rangers from across the continent to gather in Finland for a memorable meeting of cultures. Over 3500 participants from over 40 countries have registered for the event. Hundreds of volunteers have worked hard to deliver you a truly international event with plenty of exciting opportunities. 60 action-packed four-day paths around Finland, combined with the five-day camp at the adventurous Evo campsite in the middle of the forest, provide an excellent platform for an experience of a lifetime…

In this 8 issue of the Roverway 2012 Infoletter read more about:

  • Participation at Roverway by numbers
  • Meetings after meetings = planning = results
  • Roverway path W13 goes on a test drive
  • Cafés at Roverway

Roverway 2012 Infoletter 9

Roverway 2012 – Lettre d’Information 9