Roverway is getting closer, day by day! – Infoletter # 7

First round of registration brought us 3215 participants – second round registration is going strong as we speak! Do you know someone who wants to join but hasn’t registered yet? Let them know they still have time. Read on and find out more.

Roverway path team has gone through enormous amount of work trying to fit everyone to their chosen path – it wasn’t as easy as it sounds… We’ll tell about that too.

  • In this 7th Issue of the Rowerway 2012 Infoletter read about:
  • First round of registration brought us 3215 participants – how about second round?
  • Paths – a puzzle to solve
  • Tribes are formed and are meeting already!
  • Activity Valleys have been named!
  • National Council of the Guides and Scouts of Finland got a report from Roverway 2012 Organizing Committee

Download PDF in English or French or read on-line in both languages below:

Roverway 2012 – infoletter 7

Roverway 2012 – Lettre d’Information 7

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