Roverway 2012 is 100 days away! Infoletter #8


Over 3000 Rangers/Rovers from all over the world have made the good choice of coming to Finland next summer to explore beautiful nature, intercultural feeling and to make new friends.The participants have been divided into tribes with 50 members. The tribes form the main units during Roverway 2012. A tribe is a group of patrols from different countries. One tribe is taking part in one path and each tribe is lead by a pair of Tribe leaders. All the tribes are now formed and they have started to work online already! Every participant has received a link to Facebook to join their own Tribe group. Some of the tribes have started with a big bang, some of them have started more calmly but they all are talking, changing ideas and most importantly getting to know each other!

In this 8 issue of the Roverway 2012 Infoletter read more about:

  • Be Prepared -activities
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Roverway WebShop
  • Camp after camp

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Roverway 2012 – Infoletter 8

Roverway – Lettre d’Information 8