RoverNet4 – VentureNet1x


4th Network meeting for national Rover commissioners and 1st European Network Meeting for national Venture Scout commissioners will take place between 9-12 May 2013

The last network meeting for national Rover commissioners dates back to 2008. At the recent European Scout Forum on Educational Methods in Romania, there was a strong emphasis on networking opportunities for national leaders working in the same areas. As a result, the European Scout Region is renewing its tradition for events aimed to Rover Commissioners and starts, at the same time, to offer a similar event for national Venture Scout Commissioners.


Though this is an invitation (English) for both events, the programme and the content of the meetings are separate and very different.

RoverNet, being at its 4th edition and following a long series of European initiatives defined for this age section (, RoCoReKi, Roverway, Agora, ESVP, etc.) will try to build on existing projects and programme frameworks whereas VentureNet, at its first edition, aims to establish the network and explore the possibilities for future cooperation, potential partnerships and Regional support initiatives/frameworks.

Find out more and apply trough event website