RoverNet & VentureNet 2013


Only a few days left to register for RoverNet and VentureNet. Do not miss this opportunity – the special conditions agreed with the hosting venue will not allow much flexibility in the deadlines! The fourth edition of the European Network Meeting for National Rover Commissioners and the first ever European Network Meeting for National Venture Scout Commissioners will be organised in sunny Malta, between the 9th and the 12th of May 2013.

The programme for VentureNet will focus on establishing the profile of the age section, identify specific methods and activities, the role of the leader and reviewing the national programme provision. RoverNet will look at the international opportunities for young adults, the role and responsibilities of a national commissioner and issues related to the “grey area”: Rovers or leaders?. Both events will allow significant time for sharing of experiences and best practices, establishing networks and partnerships and working together on issues of common interest. The participants will also have an opportunity to explore Malta and its people.

See you all in Malta in May.

You can get more info, read the official invitation and apply here