Regional Circular 01 2015 – Invitation: 8th European Scout Agora 2015

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The European Scout Agora is an educational tool that uses the Scout Method to reach the educational objectives for the Rover age section and that has a special emphasis on youth empowerment. What makes the European Scout Agora so special is that it is an event run “for Rovers by Rovers”. As a result, the event looks at issues that are of importance and relevance to young people in our society today.

The theme of the 8th European Scout Agora 2015, which will take place at Château Jambville (France) from 8-12 April 2015, is “Skills for life”, because we want to help the participants to become prepared and committed to be actively in their communities. We also hope to give them tools and new ideas that will help to empower participants, thus being more aware of the changes they are able to do in their associations and the entire European Scout Region.

So, if you are a Rover in Europe and if you want to share and exchange with other Rovers from Scout Associations in the European Scout Region matters of concern to this age section, then don’t forget to pencil down the dates 8-12 April 2015 and attend the 2015 edition of the European Scout Agora! (And please note, that the deadline for registration is 10 March 2015).

=> Further details in the event’s section of this website
=> Event website (include an on-line registration tool)
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