Project proposal – a Safe from Harm network


As you know, at the last World Scout Jamboree in Sweden WOSM launched an e-learning tool on Keeping Scouts Safe from Harm.

In order to promote the use of this tool and the concept of Safe from Harm within European NSOs/NSAs, the European Regional Office is considering applying to a call for proposal launched by the European Commission called “DAPHNE III.”

In the frame of this call, we invite interested NSOs/NSAs willing to invest in a deeper understanding and implementation of Safe from Harm, further develop it at national level and strengthen their training to become partners in the project proposal which will be submitted to the European Commission. During the project a series of actions will be implemented with the aim to improve, promote and adapt the use of the tool at national and local level. Proposed actions to take place both at European and national level will be: consultations, workshops and training. All the activities, even if organised at national level, should involve all the partners in some extend.

As the grant cannot constitute more than 80% of overall eligible project costs, the remaining 20% will have to be covered by the partners, such as through direct contributions of the NSO/NSA and/or in the form of participation fees for the events that are organised. If the application is approved, the project will start approximately in September 2012.

If your NSO/NSA is interested to know more about this opportunity and become a partner in such a project, please contact Alix Masson

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