Partnership Event 2013


Under the theme “Partners or neighbours” the Mouvement Scout de Suisse, on behalf of the North-South Network and in cooperation with the European Region of WOSM, is hosting the “Partnership Event 2013″ in Zürich, Switzerland, from 14 to 17 March 2013.The North-South Network, a coalition of Scout and Guide Associations, aims at fostering, strengthening and developing new partnerships between associations in Europe and associations from other regions of the world. The overall idea of the network is to share and create information about ongoing partnerships, as well as to provide a platform for the exchange of experiences and knowledge. A continuous reflection on the relevance of partnerships, as well as the promotion of inter-cultural understanding and mutual respect are central elements of the North-South Network.

The “Partnership Event 2013″ wants to provide a space for ideas of how to build and reinforce existing partnerships, and also further develop multilateral approaches, such as the UNGUVU project. The particular views of partner associations will also be discussed: How do they see the partnership? What are their particular needs? What do and can they offer to your association?

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