Leadership Capacity Tools – A toolbox on organisational development

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This toolbox was developed by associations in four selected countries: the Latvijas Skautu un Gaidu centrala organizacija – Latvia, Sojuz na Izvidnici na Makedonia  – FYRO Macedonia, Slovensky Skauting – Slovakia and the Association of Ukrainian Guides. The participants worked to produce tools in response to their own needs but also for wider use in Scouting and Guiding. A selection of materials has been added to make the tools easy to use and to raise awareness of organisational and leadership development.
All the tools are available on a CD-ROM. It was produced to encourage Scout and Guide associations and trainers to use the tools on organisational and leadership development created in this project.

The purpose of this tool is to provide guidelines on how to organise training for leaders to become trainers in an association. Such training should achieve the following: – Develop and improve the educational skills of adults who are working towards becoming trainers – Introduce methods of training and how to identify what method to use in different circumstances – Give examples of the building of a training programme and the core elements recommended for inclusion in all training events – Develop methods of follow-up and support for new trainers

The purpose of this tool is to help leaders develop and improve their skills to enable them to work with all age groups and lead activities and also to take care of management and finances. The 15 modules suggested in this tool are intended to support the planning of leadership training. Some of the modules contain practical suggestions for the trainer (e.g. evaluation, learning styles and methods).
The purpose of this tool is to plan and implement an event starting the process of developing or renewing a training system. The tool contains:

– A list of actions to be carried out before the forum
– Trainer’s notes for all sessions
– Steps in setting the framework for a new training system
– Checklists

Tool 4: Development and Revision of a Training System
This tool is intended to support leaders and commissioners at national level in increasing knowledge and raising awareness of the process of the development/revision of a training system, or in creating a roadmap for the development of a new national training system or the revision of an existing training system.

Tool 5: Handouts for (New) Local Guide/Scout Leaders
This tool provides guidelines for how to produce handouts/handbooks for new local Guide or Scout leaders.

Tool 6: Teamwork Know-How
The purpose of this tool is to help people establish successful and powerful teams that can work more efficiently. The tool provides basic information about different stages of team life and the importance of clear communication. The tool also describes potential risks of team failure and team roles.

Tool 7: Long-Term Human Resources Planning Management
This tool provides guidelines for organising a workshop on long-term human resource management. The purpose is to make optimum use of the human resources available.

Tool 8: Recruiting New Leaders
This tool is intended as inspiration for associations on how to increase the number and quality of unit leaders. It describes step by step the key elements of a recruitment campaign. The tool can be used to fight the problem of decreasing membership faced by some associations.

The Long-Term Capacity Building Project in Eastern and Central Europe was initiated and facilitated by the Project Supporting Guiding and Scouting in Eastern and Central Europe, which is an initiative supported by all Guide and Scout associations in Denmark. Funds for the project were raised by the Danish Committee Supporting International Guiding and Scouting. The European Scout Region and Europe Region WAGGGS participated actively in the tool development process.