European International Scout Camps 2018


European International Scout Camps 2018

Most of you will only just have returned from your annual Summer Camp. Many will be in the middle of sorting out hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures capturing the different activities of their camp.

Looking at all these images and passing in review the many memorable moments you may already start thinking of where your group’s next Summer Camp could be organised. Shall it be a section camp? Or maybe a joint camp with other groups of your district? Or is it perhaps time to consider participating in an international camp (at home or abroad), commonly known as jamboree?

Based on information made available to us so far, we have put together a short list of national jamborees organised during the summer of 2018 in Europe. Maybe one of these international camps is exactly what you were looking for? One of the camps listed here (number 3) is Roverway 2018, the main activity for the senior action of Scout and Guide Associations in the European Regions’ of WOSM and WAGGGS, which will be hosted in the Netherlands next year. It is listed here for the record only, as most of the national contingents will have closed their booking lists by now.

We will be updating this list later during the autumn and invite all National Scout Organisations and National Scout Associations in Europe to signal us should their major event not yet be listed.

  • (1) LUpiter 2018, Lucerne Cantonal Jamboree (14-28.7.2018): website, Facebook
  • (16) Centenary Jambooree “Laužų karta” 2018, Lithuanian National Jamboree (14-28.7.2018): website, Facebook
  • (2) Blair Atholl Jamborette 2016, Scottish Patrol Jamboree ( website, Facebook
  • (3) Roverway 2018, European Ranger & Rover Event of WOSM & WAGGGS (23.7-2.8.2018): website, Facebook
  • (4) JamboRí 2018, Irish Jamboree (25.7-2.8.2018): website, Facebook
  • (5) Central European Jamboree 2018, Jamboree of Visegrad States: CZ, HU, PL, SK (25.7-4.8.2018): Facebook
  • (17) Smotra 2018, 10th Serbian National Jamboree (27.7-5.8.2018): website, Facebook
  • (6) Walesby World Experience 2018, Nottingham Jamboree (28.7-4.8.2018): website
  • (7) Chamboree 2018, Cheshire Jamboree (28.7-4.8.2018): website, Facebook
  • (8) C’è Avventura, Campo Nazionale CNGEI 2018 (1-13.8.2018): website
  • (9) MedJam 2018, Mediterranean Jamboree 2018 Malta (1-8.8.2018): website, Facebook
  • (10) Home 2018, Upper Austrian Jamboree (6-15.8.2018): website, Facebook
  • (11) NaWaKa 2018, Dutch International Sea Scout Jamboree (6-15.8.2018): website, Facebook
  • (12) Zlot ZHP 2018, Polish National Jamboree (6-16.8.2018): website, Facebook
  • (13) The Red Rose Camp 2018, Lancashire Jamboree (11-18.8.2018): website, Facebook
  • (14) Norjam 2018, Norfolk Jamboree (11-18.8.2018): website, Facebook
  • (15) Jurassic International Jamboree 2018, Dorset Jamboree (11-18.8.2018): website, Facebook

Check the European Scout Region’s interactive map on euroscoutinfo.