Elections to the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe

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As you may be aware, elections to the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe will take place at the next Council of Members of the European Youth Forum in Braga, Portugal 18-19 November 2011.

The Advisory Council on Youth consists of 30 representatives from youth NGOs who provide input and opinions on the activities of the Council of Europe youth sector. Together with government representatives from each of the Council of Europe member states responsible for youth issues, they develop the priorities for the youth sector and make recommendations on future priorities and programmes.

Both Regions have nominated candidates to represent WAGGGS and WOSM in these elections as follows:

  • Alexandru (‘Sandu’) Coica (Asociatia Nationala A Scoutilor Din Moldovo, Moldova) to represent WOSM
  • Ilaria Esposito (Corpo Nazionale Giovani Esploratori ed Esploratrici Italiani, Italy) to represent WAGGGS

Both candidates being presented are experienced in representing Guiding and Scouting externally and have been participating in Council of Europe activities. They are committed to promoting the role of Guiding and Scouting in the development of better youth policies at European level and their election to the Advisory Council will support the external relations and advocacy work of WAGGGS and WOSM in the regions.

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