Crisis – how to respond to the socio-economic challenges


We are very pleased that our Euro.Scout.Doc on Scouting and the Financial and Economic Crisis published in 2009 – inspired our friends at Corpo Nacional de Escutas (CNE) to translate the document into Portuguese.

This time the roles are reversed and a document called Crisis published by CNE has been translated into English and French, and is based largely on the original Portuguese text.

We are pleased to attach Crisis – how to respond to the socio-economic challenges so that the advice and thinking can be shared more widely.

Crisis is a word that became part of our everyday vocabulary. In the newspapers and on television, in Parliament and in supermarkets, in the means of transportation and in the streets, everyone talks about the crisis. Indeed, today, the western world lives in a crisis situation; one that began as financial changed into economic and, as always, has deep social repercussions.

A previous document of the Euro.Scout.Doc series, titled “Scouting and the Financial and Economic Crisis” has already addressed this matter, in focusing in particular on the crisis and its subsequent repercussions on Scouting.

As Baden-Powell said, rather than to be submissive and to surrender before a crisis scenario, we should remember that a crisis is aperiod of challenges but also a period of opportunities. Challenges that often make us stop and ponder, as well as being more aware, more alert; these are opportunities for change, growth and testimony.


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