AQUA 2017 – Slovak National Jamboree (August 2017)

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Slovenský Skauting, the Scout and Guide Association in Slovakia (members of WAGGGS and WOSM), is organising “AQUA 2017″ next Summer and aksed us to share with you the following information.

AQUA 2017 is the Slovak National Jamboree this coming Summer. Organised by the Sea Scout branch of Slovenský Skauting,  the Jamboree is not only open to Sea Scouts from around Europe and beyond, but also to all other Scouts, who want to experience international Scouting at this water themed event.

If you are over the age of twelve, at least a bit interested in Sea Scout activities and full of courage and excitement, then we believe you will enjoy AQUA 2017. The Jamboree’s symbolic framework  revolves around Castor and Pollux whose devotion made them immortal in heroic tales and earned them a place among the stars.

Participants of AQUA 2017 will pitch their tents on the shores of Lake Sĺňava in Piešťany, Slovakia, from 6 to 12 August 2017. Water-based activities like canoeing, rafting and sailing as well as trekking will be part of the exciting programme on offer.

The cost per participants is EUR 120 (not including your travel to the Jamboree), with registrations open till the end of April 2017. If all this sounds interesting to you, please get in touch with Slovenský Skauting thorugh the International Commissioner of your own assocation. Then get together with other interested Scouts form your association and form patrols of nine participants (minimum 12 years of age) plus one patrol leader (who is required to be 18 or older). If you cannot manage to assemble a full group of ten Scouts, do not worry, there is also an option of individual registration. In that case, you will be put together with other individually registered Scouts and form a mixed patrol.

So, what are you waiting for? AQUA 2017 is an excellent opportunity to meet new Scouts and renew links to old friends and to live memorable adventures in a beautiful setting!