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How To Use Research to Enhance Guiding and Scouting


This tool kit aims to offer limited scientific background of research for two reasons. First of all, knowing the terminology enables Member Organizations to:

1. understand better the various pieces of research available
2. identify the information they need, as most of the terms offered can be used as key search words3. go deeper behind the outcomes and follow the research done by external researchers.Secondly, the scientific framework enlarges the possibilities for research and can benefit national associations as a source for ideas and tools. Theories and hypotheses can be easily transformed into stepping stones for the Association.


Guidelines on Partnership


Guidelines on developing and maintaining partnerships in Guiding and Scouting produced by the Europe Region WAGGGS and the European Scout Region. Different forms of partnership are an actively used method in Guiding and Scouting Associations around Europe.

Beyond Barriers Tool Kit


Toolkit to assist Associations in providing Guiding and Scouting for young people with special needs.

At the end of the “Beyond Barriers” seminar the participants felt that they lacked ways of supporting leaders, who work with members with disabilities. To address this issue, participants gave a recommendation to the Europe Region WAGGGS and European Scout Region to initiate a one-year project in 2003 in order to find good practice and to produce training material to be used in all National Member Organisations.

The European Growth Network

The Growth Network is composed by a group of Guides and Scouts representatives interested in Growth and membership development issues. Networkers represent their associations and during the meeting share best practices and counseling on the above mentioned topics.

The North-South Network

The network has its origins from a number of Scout and Guide Associations from the European Region who had been co-operating with countries from sub-Saharan Africa. This interest was reflected in a European Seminar, held in Kigali, Rwanda from which came the Kigali Paper, an agreement on the principles for co-operation between Scout and Guide Associations in the developed and developing world, particularly Africa and Europe. A further seminar in Nairobi expanded the numbers of Associations which saw development as an important aspect of Guiding and Scouting.