The Resolutions of the 21st European Scout Conference

A record total of 17 resolutions were adopted and addressed a variety of issues, including two resolutions concerning the current reorganisation and relocation of the World Scout Bureau. Other issues addressed related to the cost of Regional events, the financial crisis affecting countries in the Region in general, and the climate change and the relevance of Scouting’s role as a valuable lobbying partner in intergovernmental for a concerning this issue.

A number of resolutions asked the Region to take appropriate actions to facilitate a better inclusion of migrant youth in the Scout Movement in Europe and to provide more publicity to the Erascout Programmes already existing in a number of NSOs in Europe. The strengthening of networking, cooperation and interconnectivity of NSOs of the Region was the theme of another resolution, while another one shared the Region’s concerns with regards to recent developments in the middle east and their impact on young people in that region.

Resolutions of the 21st European Scout Conference (English, French)

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Résolutions de la 21éme Conférence Européenne du Scoutisme