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Regional Circular 10 2017 – Regional Open Call: Partnerships and Communications Teams, Spreading our Message Area of Operations

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the European Scout Region recently closed the initial round of recruitment for the teams supporting the delivery of the Regional Scout Plan. As anticipated, we advise of two opportunities for additional recruitment in the Spreading Our Message Area of Operations and specifically in two teams:

1) Spreading Our Message Area of Operation – Partnerships Team
2) Spreading Our Message Area of Operation – Communications Team

An online application form for both positions is available here: https://europeanscoutregion.typeform.com/to/kgCwvS
Additional background document: Regional Circular 15 2016 – Open Call 2016-2019

DEADLINE for application is 31 May 2017.

Regional Circular 27 2016: NSO Support Achieving the Regional Scout Plan

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A little later than initially foreseen, the European Scout Committee is pleased to share the list of volunteers appointed to a number of teams in five different areas of work to support it in achieving the goal set in the new Regional Scout Plan. These had been carefully selected from among 133 candidates who had replied to an open call launched earlier in the year.

Regional Circular 6 2016 – Regional Scout Plan 2013-2016: Situation Assessment March 2016

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At its meeting in March 2016, the European Scout Committee of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) reviewed oral updates received from the Regional Priority Project and Core Groups.

Regional Circular 20 2015: European Scout Committee – Midterm Review

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Earlier this year, the European Scout Committee decided to conduct a mid-term review, to be undertaken under the lead of an external consultant, of its work and share the results in full transparency with the NSOs/NSAs.

The scope of the review, with the involvement of many stakeholders, was to evaluate half way through the triennium, the work performed.

The report is seen as a tool in the hands of the European Scout Committee; it will help improve the work being done, targeting ultimately the implementation and fulfillment, in the most efficient way, of the Regional Scout Plan and in the most effective way for the National Scout Organisations and National Scout Associations.

The resulting Midterm Review Report is now available for consideration.

– Regional Circular 20 2015: European Scout Committee – Midterm Review: Cover Letter (English, French)
– Regional Circular 20 2015: European Scout Committee – Midterm Review: Annex A (English only)
– Regional Circular 20 2015: European Scout Committee – Midterm Review: Annex B (English only)