Staff Changes in the WSB – European Regional Office


After a significant period, World Scout Bureau – European Regional Office now working at full staff strength and we would like to provide you with information to assist you in making the appropriate contacts following these changes.

The Regional Educational Methods team has been empowered by Mariana Gomez that will provide essential administrative support particularly in the area of event management and data collection. In Brussels office we have new Director of External Relations and Funding, Letizia Gambini and Valeria Ileana Siciliano our new Assistant in the area of External Relations and Funding.

Nicolò Pranzini has moved from our Fundraising area of work to take up the Project Manager position for the Safe from Harm project which is funded by the Department of Justice of the EU, through the Daphne budget line. Manuela Capraro  has just joined the team as Project Assistant for the Safe from Harm project supporting the project partners and Nicolo.

Circular 9 2013 (English, French)