Scouting 3.0 – Innovative Support to National Scout Associations in Europe – Circular 1/2014


“Scouting 3.0″ is an European wide project aiming at promoting and developing online training as a complementary delivery method for adult training provision in National Scout Associations. Eight European NSAs are leading the way, strongly committed and working hard in the development of procedures and resources that are expected to be disseminated all around Europe from July 2014.

National Scout Organisations (NSOs) and National Scout Association (NSAs) around Europe dedicate a considerable amount of resources to the training and support of their adult volunteers, ensuring the correct mechanisms are in place to support the personal development of adults who undertake specific roles and volunteer their time.

Increasingly, associations are exploring and developing new ways of delivering training which can provide an answer to needs of adult volunteers, raising their satisfaction and consequently the length of their commitment to the Movement. E-Learning is one of the methods to support that strategy.

“Scouting 3.0” aims at promoting online training as a complementary training delivery method for European NSOs. It will provide a platform eventually populated with training modules focused on relevant subjects for all European NSOs.

Find out more in the WOSM ESR Circular 1/2014 (English, French)