Roverway reminder for registrations for the Head of Contingent/Rover/Ranger Representatives


We kindly remind you to send us (via the attached form) the Registration form HoC RW2016 and 2 Registration form Rovers-Rangers Reps RW2016 that will represent your organization BEFORE October 15th.

Read Head of contingent RW2016 about the HoC role and Rovers-Rangers Reps RW2016 for more information on the Rovers-Rangers Reps.

Rovers/Rangers Reps (Rovers/Rangers Representatives) are to be aged between 18 and 22 years old and will have to participate at Roverway as participant or IST. As you will discover in the attached Rover/Ranger Reps nomination form, their role is to help the HoC in any activities useful to help building the contingent.

We also remind you that from November 28th to November 30th, we will welcome both HoC and Rover Reps in Jambville (near Paris). The weekend will start on Friday, November 28th around 7pm and will end on Sunday, November 30th at 4pm.   Further information (regarding fees, transportation, precise schedule of the weekend…) will be sent before the end of September..

Please contact Louis Marbach, International Coordinator if you have any specific questions.