Follow up on Open Call to Recruit Regional Volunteers 2013-2016 – WOSM ESR Circular 20/2013

Author: Michael Quezada

WOSM ESR Circular 20/2013

The European Scout Committee is very pleased with the response to the Open Call to recruit Regional Volunteers. With a new record of 102 applicants from 23 National Scout Organisations, it is believed that we will be able to identify the most appropriate volunteers who will be able to fit with the eventual operational framework, and assist us with the implementation of the Regional Scout Plan 2013-2016 as well as the follow-up of resolutions arising from the 21st European Scout Conference.

The European Scout Committee met over the weekend 27-28 September 2013 and on occasion of  this meeting, very briefly looked at the list of 102 applications resulting from the open call and agreed to identify suitable volunteers for the different tasks envisaged. At the same meeting, the Committee launched the process of formulating an initial draft of the operational framework for the triennium 2013-2016, which will be finalised when the European Scout Committee next meets this coming November.

Whilst this is very good news indeed, the European Scout Committee does need to add that because we have 102 applicants it does not mean they will be designing an operational framework to fit exactly 102 volunteers. The Committee will be looking to identify the most suitable applicants from the Open call and we know in advance that this will mean that some applicants, unfortunately, will not be able to work as closely with us as we would like. We trust that you will understand this situation.

In the meantime, I thank you once again for your enthusiasm for the Open Call, and your patience as we finalise the operational framework.

We will be in contact in the near future with more details on the volunteers who will be assisting us with our work during the triennium 2013-2016.

WOSM ESR Circular 20/2013 (English, French)