Call for Partners to join funding project: North South Network Meeting 2013


Facilitating Participation of NSOs/NSAs in European events –
Call for Partners to join funding project: North South Network Meeting 2013

To facilitate the participation of NSAs or NSOs to Regional Events the Regional Office always tries to get funds from external sources and surely one of the main sources of funding for Scout and Guide activities is the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission.

When applying for funding for our activities, we need to have a number of partner organisations. Those partner organisations are the ones which will get financial support. To be a partner organisation, NSOs or NSAs have to complete a Preliminary Agreement of the Partner form for the activity. Only participants coming from partner organisations are considered a part of the official project and can be reimbursed. (Others may participate but with no funding assistance).

What costs can be covered by the grant?

  • Participant travel costs: 70 % of travel costs from home to the venue of the project and return using the cheapest method and fares (Economy class ticket, 2nd class train ticket)
  • Project costs: fixed costs of 71 x person x night.
  • Exceptional costs: any cost directly related to young people with fewer opportunities/ special needs or warranted by the special nature of the activities; visa costs.

For each NSO and NSA this means that if your are a partner:

  •  Only 30% of the travel costs to cover
  •  Lower participation fees
  •  If participants need a visa, the costs related to obtaining the visa are covered
  • The European Regional Office of WOSM will submit the application at the European level.

Please note that besides all the EU countries also NSOs/NSAs from the following are eligible to become partners: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestinian Authority of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Syria, Tunisia.

If your NSO/NSA is interested in attending the North South Network Meeting 2013 that will take place in Switzerland, venue tbc, 14-17 March 2013. and you wish to benefit from the funding support, please read the call for partners (English, French),

Please fill in the “Identification of partners form” (Annex A) and send it by email to Marguerite Potard ( You will be contacted only after the reception of this document properly filled in and asked to sign in original the Preliminary agreement of the partner.

The deadline to receive the completed and signed PPA is the 30th July 2012

Please fill in the form and then sign the agreement to become partner in the project only if your NSO/NSA is really willing to attend the meeting. By signing the agreement you ensure that your NSO/NSA will send participants to the meeting. By signing but then not sending any participants you might create substantive problems for the management of the project.

Preliminary Agreement of the partners will be accepted on the “first arrived first served” basis.

The funding application will be submitted at National level to the Swiss Youth in Action agency. The Office will inform partner organisations in the project of the results.

If you need to know more about this issue don’t hesitate to contact me at