Agora 2014 “Participation +” – WOSM ESR Circular 8/2014


We are glad to invite representatives of your National Scout Association to this year’s Agora, which will take place in the gorgeous setting of Centre Culturel St-Thomas, in Strasbourg, France, from 23 to 27 April 2014.

An Agora is an educational tool that uses the Scout Method to reach the educational objectives for the rover age section and that has a special emphasis on youth empowerment. What makes an Agora so special is that it is an event run “for Rovers, by Rovers”. As a result, the event looks at issues that are of importance and relevant to young people in our society today. An Agora aims to be a meeting place in which dreams, feelings, concerns, experiences, ideas and paths cross together, are connected and shared; a crossroad that would be a source of inspiration and energy. It is a place where the fundamentals of Scouting are present in a way that is attractive to young people today. It is a place for debate and sharing as well as teaching and learning from one another. And most importantly, an Agora is about getting new motivation and direction to one’s path as a rover. Each event is focusing on a major theme, on which the programme is built upon.

This year’s theme is “Participation +”. We plan to take the concept of Youth Participation to a new level. Rather than just exploring why Rovers should participate, we hope to equip Rovers with the tools that they need to actively engage in their communities, their National Scout Associations, and the whole of Europe.

Read more in Circular 8/2014 (English, French, Application Form)