Monthly Archives: April 2014

Fundraiser Network Meeting – WOSM Circular 12/2014


The European Scout Region, is organising Fundraiser Network Meeting, in order to offer NSOs and NSAs an opportunity to share best practices, challenges and needs in the field of fundraising, with a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility.  The Meeting  will be held
from 16 – 18 June 2014 in Brussels, Belgium. 

Provision of consultancy and global support – WOSM Circular 11/2014


At its recent meeting in Zagreb, Croatia, the European Scout Committee reviewed the provision of consultancy to NSOs and NSAs. The European Scout Region provides support and consultancy to its National Scout Organisations/National Scout Associations (NSOs/NSAs) in a variety of ways: events, training, policy development etc. 

Scouting for All – Training on “How to involve young people from excluded groups?”


As second activity supported by the Council of Europe – European Youth Foundation for the implementation of European Scout Region’s Work plan on Diversity & Inclusion we will be organising The Scouting for All –Training on “How to involve young people from excluded groups?”. The training will be held in Kapraluv Mlyn, near Brno, Czech Republic, 28 May – 31 May 2014.