Monthly Archives: December 2012

WAGGGS Educational Programme Guidelines

This resource should supplement and extend traditional national educational programmes to fit the needs of today’s girls and young women, based on the principles of personal development.
This document is as valid for National Associations which have both male and female members as it is for those with only female members.

Call for partners to join funding project: Academy 2013 “Citizenship 3.0 – training solution for youth NGOs”


The European Regional Office of WOSM will submit an application for a Youth in Action funding project: Academy 2013, “Citizenship 3.0 – training solution for youth NGOs”

Evaluation of the Europe Region WAGGGS Operational Plan

EU round English

In order to analyze and assess carefully the work undertaken in the past 2 years and plan the way forward, the Europe Committee WAGGGS has decided to carry on an evaluation process and contract the services of an external consultant (The Social Investment Consulting), in order to ensure an objective and neutral evaluation.

2nd Information Bulletin – 14th European Guide and Scout Conference


Conference organisation team has been very busy over the past few months and the big event is rapidly taking shape. In this second information bulletin, you will find a great deal of practical information for you to prepare your delegation’s participation.

The Academy 2013 –


The Academy is open for everyone with a position, or who have the potential and are preparing to hold a position, at national level in Member Organizations (MOs) and National Scout Associations (NSAs), from members of working groups to Chief Commissioners.